10 Examples of Using Cross-Channel Qr Codes

Poor relative of the web, the QR Code, which appeared at the end of the 2000s, experienced a boom without really breaking through. Like Flash Code, we already saw it populating our daily lives and being deployed to connect the physical world to the much more fashionable web. But now, the link remains distorted, and despite the proliferation of smartphones, advertisers, brands, the entire retail industry is still struggling to get started. Why the QR Code? QR stands for Quick Response, the idea being to quickly access content or perform a task via the APN of a medium such as a smartphone or tablet.

Yet There Is No Lack of Ideas

They are struggling to impose themselves. While the QR Code remains a simple technology. Almost free. And which offers a good return compared to display campaigns for example. It was therefore necessary to review the 10 most frequent uses of a QR Code! 1. The code to more information The Niue business email list and used in 52% of cases. The link to a web page to provide more information. Is particularly interesting within a paper content. Or in a museum to supplement the information of a traditional physical medium. In short. It’s a good way to improve the quality of a service. Or to insert an online commercial proposal into a paper.

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Couponing. Still Just as Interesting Couponing

The main use of a QR Code (54%): not surprising. Since distributing coupons and reduction offers is often impossible. This time the flash code appears on the posters and the products themselves. For the greater customer satisfaction. Indeed. Who says coupon. Says collecting data Fresco Data a prospect. A very interesting way to offer content and other coupons that will improve brand awereness. But also customer loyalty in retail. Bollinger-champagne-qr-code 3. Participation in a contest In the logic of couponing. Registering for a competition is very practical by means of the QR Code. Which allows you to send or give a simple paper form to be completed online after flashing the code. In the end. Same usefulness as a paper form.

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