10 Tips to Negotiate Like a Pro

Negotiate, before all this is prepared. How ? By setting clear, realistic goals and being specific. No need to scatter over general themes with large ready-made expressions. A good negotiation therefore requires meticulous preparation of the ground and the points that you could be opposed to. It is, in fact, essential to know that these stumbling blocks exist and not to indulge in the policy of the ostrich and thus to prepare an appropriate response so that they are no longer considered as a problem or a brake to negotiation. 2. Know who you are talking to, who is in front of you. Find out about the person(s) concerned, the company, its activity, the way it is perceived, the relationships that the person has with their employees, their habits, etc.

Ready to Quit If the Conditions Are Not Profitable

Never meet him with his hands in his pockets. Have as clear a vision as possible of his personality, his interests, but also his limits and constraints. 3. Structure your argument. It must be structured and hierarchical. The signing of an agreement often depends on its clarity. In addition, being specific about Estonia WhatsApp Number List objectives and having. A thorough knowledge of your subject. You will convince your interlocutor that his room for negotiation is very small. 4. Provide alternative solutions. If your proposal does not catch the attention of your interlocutor, it is good to have alternative solutions that can be valued, but you must always make him admit that they are ultimately less interesting for both parties. Avoid giving him the impression that he is making a mistake.

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Ask Your Interlocutor If He Is Satisfied

Guilt is never a good choice. 5. Knowing how to make concessions. It really comes down to having some leeway. Similarly, This widespread commercial technique consists, in reality, of starting from very high in your objectives to arrive at the point that you have set for yourself, and this, by giving Fresco Data impression. In addition, You have made concessions. Similarly, Above all, do not try to convince your interlocutor . We all have our own sensibilities, beliefs, fears and values, and no one is forced to share them. In addition, During a negotiation, it is therefore important to know that the interlocutor will not a priori agree with you. However, you will have to take the time to listen to him, without interrupting him, to agree with his arguments and to respect his positions.

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