15 Tips for Finding New Clients

It is making the decision that will extract you from the deadly process of the “Dramatic Triangle of Karpmann” (victim-executioner-savior) to be responsible, creative and reactive. If necessary, be accompanied by a coach: there is either a skill to acquire, a behavior to change, a belief to modify, a strategy, a goal or an objective to revise. 2 – Forge helpful beliefs If we have decided to live any experience, by definition neutral and objective, with our understanding filter, this will have generated the necessary and sufficient subjectivity to create an emotion that we will interpret as good or bad. And if we experience it several times and draw the same conclusions, it will create a belief, a program that will condition our reality, our way of adapting and our behavior.

As Much as It Is a Belief in Our Success

You will be more likely to convince if you are sure of yourself. 3 – Take care of the image and the reflection It is common to think that the most important thing is the depth Bosnia and herzegovina phone number list what we are going to say or do. However, the first impression we have of you remains what you give off. Even if you are recognized as the greatest professional in your sector, you must, first of all, attract sympathy and the desire to communicate with you. As we said and at the risk of repeating ourselves: not controlling your image and especially the reflection you send back, “it’s like having a piece of salad on your tooth and not realizing it.

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Organize Your Time Organizing According

The priority of the tasks to be carrie out and starting with the most urgent, is to ensure that, whatever happens, we will have at least made progress on something very important. And, to avoid spending hours prospecting, do it in a given time and regularly. On the other hand, it will save you from Fresco Data time managing follow-ups which are time-consuming and bring absolutely no added value. “A task takes the time allocated to it. ( Parkinson) 5 – Work on anchoring Give your card after having worked on the psychological anchoring on it (it’s the little thing that will make it associated with your business: a photo, a QR Code, etc.). Make sure it specifically reflects your personality and your business.

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