3 Examples of Good Advertisements on Youtube

An advertisement on Youtube is not conceived as a TV advertisement. Indeed, the objectives are not the same: on TV you have to memorize, on Youtube you have to click! Youtube has become an important vector of visibility. With more and more users spending more and more time on videos, it’s a safe bet that advertising will be a weapon used by most companies in the years to come. And this advertising is precisely very accessible onYoutube. With very low costs (less than 10 cents per view), and a panel of targeting tools offered by Adwords, it is now possible to advertise at the lowest cost. Even for a small business with little means. It is still necessary that thisadvertising.

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A little sexist and tendentious, this advertising is terribly effective. It totals more than 2 million views, a very honest figure on Youtube. And the main key to this video is the very clear call to action: both visual and sound. The two girls are clearly pushing the user to click. In addition, the latter is Congo Brazzaville Business Email List in an original way from the start of the video. This advertisement is perfectly adapted to the Youtube format and to the internet format in general. The Electrocuted Puppies of Nail Communications Here, the user is also challenged by the protagonist. Playing on the interest of Internet users for small cats and dogs on the web, the agency has aroused the interest of the viewer. There is a little story here that we want to see the outcome. As a result, we do not click on the button to pass the advertisement.

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The Concept Is Creative New

That’s what makes the strength of this ad in addition to its black humor . Change your behavior with Sodimac This ad attempts to raise consumer awareness of energy waste. Thus, rather than passing the advertisement, the brand tries to pass on bad habits to Internet users. Again, the Fresco Data is perfect for Youtube. So, when you don’t click “Skip Ad”, you can see the wasted water in seconds when you leave the tap on. The call to action leads to a website explaining the negative aspects of energy waste. The way to engage the consumer and raise their awareness is really creative and intelligently adapted to the internet tool. To make a good advertisement on Youtube, it is therefore necessary among other things. Propose a call to action from the first seconds of the video Be creative to grab attention.

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