3 Keys to Writing Your Agency Brief and Organizing a Successful Competition!

The objective of the agency brief is to make your request understood by a service provider, in particular agencies. It must be a written summary document. Specifications that include the important points to be communicated to a service provider. The more complete, clear and also respectful it is of your agencies, the more likely you will be to select a quality agency capable of successfully carrying out your projects and achieving your growth ambitions. 1. Content of the agency brief An agency brief must include: The context and the problem Goals Target The message to convey The completion time and duration of the service The budget The decision planning for the choice of service provider This document will allow the agency and the advertiser to discuss the different aspects of the request.

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also makes it possible to discuss to specify certain points. It should not be overlooked because it is the anchor of the advertiser’s request to the agency(ies). This starting point will constitute the genesis of the project, and will therefore condition its progress and the performance of the South Korea Business Email List undertaken. For more information on the actual writing of the brief and the details of the content, I invite you to read our article”How to write an agency brief: the 10 questions to answer!” “. 2. The real purpose of an agency brief and competition The real purpose of an agency brief and competition is to: find the best agency to support you in your projects and realize your growth ambitions Thus, it is a question of not demotivating and dissuading the best agencies by the formalism and the rigor of the competition.

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Respecting them so that they can deliver the best of themselves. And allowing you to select the one that suits you the most. As such. If you have the choice and you are not obliged to organize formal calls for tenders. I invite you to read our article Here are three reasons not to organize an Fresco Data competition” 3. Steps to write an agency brief and organize a successful competition 1 – Bring together all the people involved in the project. Including the management Before starting to write a brief for an agency. It is necessary to bring together the people involved in the project. Including decision-makers. In order to gather opinions and opinions. Discuss all the points. And cover as many details as possible. Including the budget.

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