3 Tips to Turn Your Customers into Ambassadors

Identify potential ambassadors This is the first step in making its customers ambassadors. You have to start by identifying customers who show a strong attachment to the brand . Who tweets the most about the brand, who comments on blog articles, who is interested in the new products on offer… In short, who are the most active around the brand’s universe. Then, you have to sort out the potential ambassadors identified after this first step. Look for those who have the most followers, friends, visitors on their blog… In short, rank them in order of potential influence. Define distinct poles of ambassadors The aim here is to create centers bringing together very distinct ambassadors. On the one hand the bloggers, on the other hand the average.

Thus, Depending on the Group

Which they belong, the ambassadors will be invited to certain special events, receive gifts… All must be pampered by the brand, but in a way adapted to their profile . Ambassadors should feel appreciated and treated in a unique way . This division into poles makes it possible to contact the ambassadors more precisely. Animate this community of ambassadors The keystone of this animation is of course Pakistan Business Email List Manager. He must ensure the constant animation of the community of ambassadors. He must announce the arrival of new products to them, make them try them in preview, collect and share their opinions. The relationship must be constant and human. Why not suggest to certain ambassadors to give ideas for future products, or even to involve them in their development.

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It Is Also Important to Be Available

Them in order to answer their questions. Ambassadors must become the spokespersons of the brand , so it is essential not to disappoint them. Indeed, they can talk about your brand as much for good as for bad. a school that understands mechanics The ECS advertising campaign: a real success Recently, you must have seen the hashtag. This operation launched byECS Paris, a communication school present in many Fresco Data in France and around the world, has caused a stir in the small world of communication. With a first phase of teasing revealing big names in communications such as Mercedes Erra (BETC) or Nicolas Bordas (TBWA/Being), the school had already achieved good visibility. And during the week of the revelation, the statistics are impressive. More than 16 million contacts obtained on Twitter , with no less than 5,400 tweets posted.

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