4 Questions to Discover Progress Indicators

Today, I’m going to show you a tool that can improve both the user experience and the engagement of your prospects. These are progress indicators. This name may not tell you much, but I’m sure you’ve already come across indicators of this type, on the web or elsewhere. We will see together in this article: what is it more precisely why use them in what context and finally, how to design relevant progress indicators yourself. 1. What are progress indicators? Come on, let me start with a simple definition: progress indicators are the set of indicators that indicate the progress of a task. They have two main roles: managing the wait and making you want to complete the task in question. They are used in many sectors of activity and come in very different forms: audio, visual, textual, etc. Not very clear? I give you an example.

Some Time Later, You Are Kept Informed

The progress of the situation: “There are still 3 people ahead of you, please wait”. These details indicate the progress in handling your appeal. They are therefore an indicator of progress! Here are some others you may have come across before: the progress bar indicating that you have completed 20% of the Macau Business Email List questionnaire to which you agreed to respond the signs scattered along the queues at Disneyland, warning you of the time remaining before you can take your turn at the attraction (3 hour queue from this place, 2 hour queue from the one there…Enjoy!!) when you take a long haul, the visual regularly displayed on the big screen which shows the route taken by the plane over the passing hours the display of a percentage of progress when you download a file from the internet etc I’m sure it brings back memories for you! In web marketing, progress indicators are also very present.

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Go Take a Look at Your Linkedin Profile

You will find that on its right there is a gauge indicating how well informed it is. Add some info, validate; the gauge increases! The progress you have made is counted. An overview of the Linkedin gauge Linkedin Gauge If you followed the steps I describe above, you must have seen Fresco Data type of progress indicator. When you fill in your profile, Linkedin displays (always on the right) the following visual: Linkedin – progress indicator This list allows you to judge your progress within the process of completing your profile. Thanks to it, you know what stage you are at, and how many are left. So you see the progress made in real time. Well, now that you understand the principle, let’s see why you should use these indicators! 2. Why use progress indicators? My answer to this question is pragmatic: because it works!! But still, will you tell me.

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