4 Ways to Meet Your Market on the Web

Your market, you will obtain a wealth of very useful information which will allow you, in short, to be more efficient! How to do it Going to meet your market necessarily means giving it a voice and listening to it. Very good in theory, but in practice, how to do it? From the telephone survey to the paper questionnaire, passing by the text message, the means are numerous. In web marketing too, and they have significant advantages. On the one hand, they are often less intrusive, and therefore better tolerated by consumers. And on the other hand, they are very inexpensive! Here are 4 of them, particularly useful and simple to set up: online surveys emails cat social networks. I suggest you see together some successful examples of their use.

Online Surveys I’m Sure You’ve Already Received Some

You ever thought of sending some? Online surveys offer multiple possibilities to collect the opinion of your targets. They allow both to ask: multiple-choice questions to guide users and save them time when filling out your questionnaire open questions to collect verbatim and let your Fiji Business Email List express themselves freely. You can make them accessible from a link sent by email (we will see this aspect just after) or in direct access on your website, which allows you to place them in strategic places. Vero’s example The Vero site decided to collect the opinion of the readers of its blog vis-à-vis its new editorial strategy, by integrating a questionnaire directly within one of its articles.

B2B Email List

The Questionnaire Is Available from

A link on the product sheets, and an interesting reward is offered to respondents (€25 reduction on their purchases). The formula is therefore particularly incentivizing: it is when prospects hesitate to add a product to their basket that the e-commerce store offers them to answer the questionnaire, and save €25. By doing so, Shining Butterfly kills two birds with one stone: the e-merchant secures a large Fresco Data of respondents, and convinces hesitant prospects to place an order. An excerpt from the Shining Butterfly quiz Excerpt from the Shining Butterfly questionnaire (see the original) As you can see, the quiz asks very specific questions on the Shining Butterfly website. It therefore makes it possible to obtain interesting feedback on the user experience of Internet users, and to identify precisely areas for improvement.

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