5 Customer Lies You Can Spot

Such a company (namely your direct competitor) offers much better prices! » How many times have you heard this phrase, you have lost count… If your products are more expensive than others, the customer suspects that there is necessarily a good reason for this (better quality, innovation , more options, etc.). It is therefore in your best interest to highlight your strengths with a flawless sales pitch. And if, despite everything, the customer is still not convinced and sticks to his initial positions, it is because he is looking more for economy than quality (in short, a stingy…) or because you missed your commercial pitch ( in this case, you will have to practice!).

The Customer Only Sees Through His Supplier

The customer can only finance one product among those registered on his list. Your customer cannot afford to buy your product and another’s product. “Sorry, but we don’t have the budget. Might as well choose your product service in this case! Unless this client is in debt up to his neck, admitting the Canada WhatsApp Number List absence of a budget must be translated as “I favored other projects for my investments” . Keep calm and try to convince them that it is better to invest in the product service that you are offering them by the interest of the value for money and to demonstrate that this product service is by far more of a priority.

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Customers Are Slippery Fish That You Have to Hook

Your offer is very interesting! So send me a brochure and I’ll think about it… I’ll call you back” . You know this sentence by heart, don’t you? You may have already used it yourself…and never called the person back (well, you understand, then?!!). How to interpret this sentence? It can Fresco Data mean “I’m busy at the moment” or “I dare not tell you that your prices are too high” or outright “but I don’t care about your offer?!! . If you want to win the tense game, kindly agree to send him the brochure and immediately follow up on a question that will still allow you to continue the conversion, such as”Just out of curiosity, can I ask your priorities when it comes.

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