5 Indicators to Drive Your Web Marketing Strategy

The indicators that I suggest you discover have been baptized AARRR or “Pirate Metrics”, because they are used by many growth hackers to quickly boost business development. Here is the meaning of the mysterious letters. They actually designate several stages in the relationship between the company and the consumer: the first A is for the word Acquisition the second A relates to Activation the first R is for the word Retention the next R is for what the Americans call the Referral (it could be translated into French as “the recommendation”) and the last R stands for Income. At this point, it’s all a bit abstract. We will take an example to make it clearer.

The Prospect Becomes Active He Will Return Regularly to the Company’s Site

The company has implemented actions capable of retaining the prospect, we move on to the Retention stage) he will talk about his positive experience around him, and other people will then connect to the site it will generate to the site of the Referral traffic, thanks to the Recommendations issued) in Sri Lanka Business Email List ideal scenario, prospects will allow the company to earn money by purchasing contribute to the Company’s Revenues). Come on, a little diagram that sums it all up! You will note in passing that the different stages are not always present, even if this is often the case. The AARRR model AARRR The goal of the company is obviously for each prospect to “go down” the sales funnel and move from the “acquisition” stage to the “revenue” stage.

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To Ensure This Is the Case

She can track performance indicators along the way. It is on them that we will now focus. Focus on Acquisition What is it more precisely? The acquisition is the consumer’s first contact with the company and results in a visit to its website. This visit is often the result of a well-conducted strategy. Which relies on Fresco Data natural referencing, online advertising, an active presence on social networks and obtaining backlinks (press relations, guest blogging, reference to your content by other sites, etc.). In short, everything you need to boost your online visibility! How is it measured? To measure their performance in terms of acquisition, most companies use the wrong indicator.

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