6 Tips to Help You Respond to Comments

Respond to all comments, even positive ones Thus, you show your customers that each comment is taken into account by your company. You reveal an image close to your customers. The response to positive comments can be done by a simple thank you and by announcing at the same time your next new products or company news. As for negative comments , it is essential to respond to them so that customers feel listened to. 2) Personalize your answers Social networks in particular require one-to-one communication . Your answers should never be copy-pasted. Each customer comment must be taken into consideration and deserves a personalized response , consistent with the comment.

It Is Also Better to Sign Your Answer

Your first name and your position to accentuate this close relationship. 3) Respond quickly It is important to react quickly to avoid the spread of a negative opinion which could cause a bad buzz . The longer the customer waits for your response, the more he will complain on other channels. Social Gabon Business Email List require an almost immediate response, hence the interest in employingcommunity managersfull-time and responsive, even on weekends. 4) Always stay polite and professional “ The customer is king ”. You must therefore accept his opinion. Begin your response with an apology and never question its credibility. The response should be calm and understanding.

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Suggest solutions to problems A dissatisfied customer complains because he encountered a problem, no matter how serious. He therefore expects a simple and quick solution from you. Be helpful and always listening! And, of course, escalate these issues in order to positively evolve Fresco Data company. 6) Moderate abusive comments When you launch your pages, your accounts on social networks, it is necessary above all to set up a charter ofmoderation. This way, your community managers have a reference document to know when they can afford to delete comments . Any insulting, denigrating comments must be deleted! We can advise you on the right strategiessocial media marketingto.

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