7 Reasons Your Competitors Have More Traffic

Why do some companies manage to generate high traffic and engagement rates when, a priori, their content is not extraordinary? This is the question that Sébastien fromAether Concept, through a comment byan article from our blog. To offer him a personalized answer, we conducted a mini-study of his competitors’ strategy. I’ll let you discover without further delay the 7 key points of this analysis, which will allow you to better understand why your competitors may be performing better than you… and how to remedy it! 1. A high frequency of publication I repeat it to you often: quality takes precedence over quantity. This is all the more true as the latest updates ofGoogle algorithmstend to favor content that is really useful for Internet users.

Quantity Is a Definite Asset

A massive content strategy makes it possible to saturate the web and keep the interest of your targets constantly awake. If one of your competitors adopts this strategy, it will not be easy for you to recover some of their traffic. This is a situation experienced by Aether Concept: for New Caledonia Business Email List part, it publishes 2 contents per week, which is rather good. On the other hand, it comes up against a competitor who publishes up to 10 contents per day… Difficult in this case to compete! Should it embark on a “content war” and publish even more regularly than its competitor to hope to be able to double it? It is not always possible in terms of means, and the risk is to fall into an one-upmanship.

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If You Find Yourself in the Same Situation as Him

You will rather increase your publication frequency as much as possible, and find an axis of differentiation… which could be quality! The traffic will take longer to generate, but once acquired, it will be more loyal. Eventually, it will pay off. 2. Controversial content The editorial line of your blog Fresco Data a decisive role in the acquisition of traffic and your engagement rate. Depending on the topics you choose and the angle of view chosen, you can more or less easily spark debates, and lead to many shares and comments. One of Aether Concept’s competitors has understood this well, since it has chosen to focus its editorial line on mainly controversial content: its articles deal with highly publicized and politicized subjects.

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