7 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

The subject of many management books, webinars, articles but also surveys to decipher how to better respond to them, but ultimately building customer loyalty isn’t it first and foremost to meet their expectations? “We consider our customers as guests, at a party where we are the hosts. It’s our job to improve their experience a little more every day. » Jeff Bezos The salesperson often tends to impose himself and limit himself in the difficult task of winning over new customers while he too often neglects his already acquired customers. However, the company has everything to gain by retaining its customers rather than focusing only on prospecting.

The First Order Is Assimilated to the Capture

Here are 7 practical tips on how to establish a lasting and winning relationship with current customers in order to retain them. The commercial cost of sale in BtoB is around 15% of the price. Companies often spend up to 80% of the commercial budget to win 20% of new business. A new business Australia WhatsApp Number List on average 7 times more than that carried out on its installed base. It would simply be enough to transfer 20% of the time to uncertain hunts for the benefit of its customers to quickly gain results. These figures are very clear… but in reality it is not so simple. Companies naturally transmit to sellers the value of conquest, that of the hunter who brings a new catch to the tribe without instilling in them the culture of customer loyalty.

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Pay Attention to the Quality of Delivery and Services

The conquest of the first order is assimilated to the capture of a new customer. Put this conception from another century out of your mind! Naturally, the seller relaxes his attention, since the customer is taken for granted. However, a study has shown that an initial order of €1 will ultimately Fresco Data generate €10 over. The life of the product (software, supplies, training, maintenance, etc.). There is also with customers already acquired the possibility of cross-selling on other business sectors of the company. In short, if you take good care of them, the customer is already a real gold mine. Another survey showed that 46% of customers leave their supplier after the 1st order, 24% after the second.

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