A Goal Must Be Smart

When launching a campaign, a new activity, a new product or even on a personal level, we set objectives… which should not be confused with the means to achieve them! “ SMART ” is a mnemonic acronym recalling the criteria that help to define a judicious objective. Today, Kevin sets a goal. The Inbound Marketing consultant of the 1min30 agency and specialist in social networks wants to increase the traffic of the 1min30 site coming from… precisely social networks. For the moment, 25% of visits to the website come from the pages and posts of the 1min30 agency on the various social networks. We know that Kevin is very smart! But is its objective “SMART”? S as “Specific” or specific 5W What When Which Where Who A goal should target a specific area of ​​improvement.

Kevin Shouldn’t Set Too Vague a Goal

Once the objective has been set, no ambiguity should remain. For an objective to be specific, it must clearly specify what is expected, why it is important, who is involved in its achievement, where this objective will be achieved and what are its main characteristics. Kevin’s lens must Kiribati Business Email List these 5 questions (the “5Ws”) to be considered specific: Quoi ? What does he want to accomplish? Kevin wishes to develop the visibility, notoriety and traffic of the 1min30 agency via social networks, while building committed communities in which each member is considered at their fair value. For what ? The goal is of course to generate potential leads on the site (in an inbound approach), but above all to exchange with social users in a human logic. Who ? Who is involve? Kevin himself, Gabriel and the team members.

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The 1min30 Agency Seeks to Move Forward

Uniting everyone’s strengths and skills. Or ? The question is more delicate for a project which does not really have physical borders. But one can speak of the virtual territory of french-speaking marketing. That ? What requirements and constraints? Kevin has a limited budget (€100/month). A sharp Fresco Data and a box of matches to accomplish his mission. Also. He will be alone to work on it and will only be able to devote 3 hours a day to it. What social networks? Facebook. Google+. Linkedin. Pinterest and scoop.it m for “measurable” or measurable a goal should quantify. Or at least suggest. An indicator of progress. The second “measurable” criterion is progress towards the objective.

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