A Good Seo with Inbound Marketing

Since its creation, 1min30 has defended editorial practices that respect Internet users and search engines, by offering quality work. Throwback to some articles we have written about our approach to SEO. This article goes back a few months, when we were defending ourselves againstthe penalty that Google imposed on us and which has since been lifted. This end of the year is an opportunity to publish it and remember our struggle;-) In our view, digital is a medium, whose value chain is as follows: produce content, edit content (aggregate it, establish an editorial line, etc.) distribute the content. The heart of the job is the editorial line: defining what we are going to say, where, with what regularity, etc. SEO is only one method of distribution among others.

As Well as Special Attention Paid to Obtaining Links

When a forum is written for the press or on a blog, or when we share an infographic. You will find in this article some examples of methods that we favor and that we have already defended in previous articles. Inbound marketing and SEO Google is not the only source of traffic for our Turkey Business Email List but remains the main player in its natural referencing. Google’s SEO advice is therefore important and it is in everyone’s interest to follow it. L’Inbound Marketingis largely based on good natural referencing: being easily found is the first step in the buying process: awareness. Your potential customers must know you exist and, for that, find you when they inquire online! See our article on this subjectAnalysis of the digital purchasing process.

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Setting Up an Inbound Marketing System

A sustainable way to be well referenced. Play Jeopardy Find the original articleici. Anticipation is the key to good SEO. The principle of the game: guess what the potential customer will be looking for, the questions he will ask himself… It’s about seeing search engines as tools that provide Fresco Data to Internet users’ queries. The keywords that must be well referenced must be in the question that Internet users will ask themselves. SEOs, whom we prefer to call editorial experts, therefore have the mission of putting themselves. The shoes of their targets, anticipating questions and answering them fully on their website. Thus, building an FAQ can be particularly effective in terms of SEO.

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