A Record Figure of 112 Billion Euros for Online Sales

The e-commerce sector (products and services) reached 112 billion euros in 2020, up 8.5% year-on-year. A contrasting situation between sales of goods and services The increase in sales of products on the Internet is estimated at +32% while services are down 10%. It seems obvious that the confinement for travel-tourism and leisure players -47% compared to 2019 had disastrous repercussions and that even the summer without confinement with the border closures did not allow the sector to recover. raise. Figures that make you dizzy The figures are significant since e-commerce represented only 9.8% of retail trade in 2019, it now represents 13.4%. In addition.

Internet, a Lifeline for Physical Stores

The sector has 17,400 additional sites compared to last year with 1.8 billion transactions, an annual increase of 5.8% and The average basket amounts to 61 euros in 2020 (vs 59 euros in 2019). In April, during the first confinement, sales of consumer products increased by 86%. These Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List on the Internet have enabled households that so wish to buy food without going to the store. Internet, a lifeline for physical stores Online sales of store brands confirm their growth : +53% over the year with peaks of +100% during the two confinements (acceleration of home deliveries, click & collect and drive). They have allowed many closed physical businesses to maintain an activity.

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The Last Trimester Took Off

The rise in e-commerce also affects online sales made by marketplaces, which have been able to provide an outlet for many VSEs/SMEs and limit the decline in their sales . On average over the year 2020, marketplaces grew by +27%, i.e. twice as fast as in 2019 . Marketplaces still represent 15% of Fresco Data total volume of sites in the panel. The last trimester took off. The acceleration in sales was particularly mark in the last quarter. The closure of stores and that of so-called non-essential departments led to a sharp increase in sales in November, which continued in December, despite the reopening of physical stores. The Christmas period (November-December) saw a 23% increase compared to Christmas 2019 and sales of products and services reached 25 billion euros.

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