A software for medical consultation adapted to you

The current offering of software for medical consultations is very varied. At Clinic Cloud we have developed a different clinic management system, based on the common needs that occur in medical centers of all types.

One of the main advantages that we detect in our users is that Clinic Cloud’s medical consultation software is very different from other healthcare software, the reasons are as follows.

At Clinic Cloud we have different systems aimed at various medical specialties. We work with physiotherapy and kinesiology clinics, dental medicine, aesthetic clinics, pediatrics, general medicine, etc., offering a personalized solution, which includes specific tools, as in the case of the cloud odontogram aimed at dental clinics.


A software for medical consultation

Work in the cloud
Some medical software has its own servers, others store the information on the devices themselves, however, at Clinic Cloud we phone leads work completely in the cloud.

Working in the cloud means security, all your files are protect. Based on current legislation, and it also allows you to work from any device, even from your mobile phone.

Alarms and warnings
Clinic Cloud has different calendar functions. One of the most useful functions for the clinics that work with us are the alarms.

Many software systems offer closed records, with predetermined functions that cannot be customized. Clinic Cloud medical records can be varied as you wish. Generating absolutely personalized records stored in the cloud.

Fully personalized medical records

Cash functions
Many clinic management systems are limited exclusively to medical functions. At Clinic Cloud we have developed different cash management tools. That allow you to control all the financial aspects of your medical clinic.
Mailing and marketing
For your clients, with Clinic Cloud you have a mailing system to retain your patients. In addition to other advanced marketing functions aimed especially at healthcare companies.

These are just some of the exclusive functions of Clinic Cloud, in addition. You have many others with which you can completely manage your Fresco Data medical clinic and that only Clinic Cloud offers you. If you want to know more about our work, contact Clinic Cloud and start working with the best software for medical consultation.

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