Acquire and Retain Customers

Know the different customer profiles The number of customers, the turnover and the margin generated : for this, create 3 groups: The 20/80 customers, the company’s largest customers/VIPs who account for 80% of the billing. These customers are generally large accounts. These customers deserve special treatment (visits, calls, regular updates, attention, etc.) in order to develop their potential and retain them. So-called “middle market” customers who may be large customers in terms of turnover but whose development potential does not require major efforts or a major account approach in the purest sense of the term.

Use Crm Tools to Determine the Typology of Its Customers

They require special treatment (visits, calls, etc.) but to a lesser degree than VIPs. VSE/SME customers. These are small customers who order without the intervention of a salesperson following marketing campaigns. These are generally more fickle customers and the marketing and sales Tunisia phone number list to retain them will be greater. The sector of activity: it is important to identify the share of turnover by major sector of activity (consumer goods, IT, telecom, etc.) in order to be able to better orient both commercial prospecting and future marketing actions . The type of use that this customer makes of our products services: here again, it is essential to know the use that our B2B customers make of our products and services.

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Know How to Rephrase Customer Requests

Whether it is for marketing/customer use, commercial/targeting the sales force or human resources/targeting employees, understanding this data is important in order to better adapt our offers and commercial speeches. Use CRM tools to determine the typology of its customers On Fresco Data Internet, the company can put information request forms online with detailed mandatory fields in order to better segment its typology of customers. The CRM tool allows sales forces and marketing teams to provide as much information as possible on customers prospects in order to better target future sales and marketing actions. Companies are specialized in the segmentation of customer.

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