Adapt Your Television Campaign to Inbound Marketing

If a “traditional” marketing strategy such as a television campaign can obtain results quickly, it is no less ephemeral (the time of the campaign). In front there is thein bound marketing ,which consists in creating, for a brand or a company, value in the eyes of consumers who then see it as a reliable resource, and this over time. So why not combine the strengths of these two methods in order to improve the results of the campaigns carried out? In general, the realization of an advertising campaign for television or radio can be summarized in 3 points: Define a strategy based on our offer Define a message according to our offer Create an advertisement based on the two previous points.

This Question May Seem Silly

When you know that most people “skip” commercials on television. It deserves to be asked. We will therefore have to make our advertising more interactive with prospects. In order to hold their attention and. Ideally. Convert them into customers. For this. There are 4 essential points to work on: 1- Precisely Egypt Business Email List your target To make your advertising more interactive (you must choose adigital communication (Inbound)). You will have to segment your prospects. For example. I sincerely doubt that a hardcore fan of brutal death metal would be interested in the latest popstar’s new album. It will therefore be necessary to determine precisely who your advertising is intended for? What is your target looking for? What are his tastes? Also. What time does she watch TV? What time does she listen to the radio.

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In What Context and in What Atmosphere

Define an action (and only one) that the prospect will have to perform When you launch the campaign. Your message should correspond to a single action on your prospect’s part. It must therefore be clear and precise. Such as. For example. “discover our special offer Without a clear and precise message. You risk losing the prospect who. Not Fresco Data your advertising well. Will not act as expected. 3- Measure the performance of your campaign During the campaign. You will collect a lot of information that you will then have to analyze. You will know if the performance of this one has been satisfactory. And will be able to measure the famous ROI. To use our previous example. A good indicator of effectiveness would be the number of visits to our landing page since the appearance of our advertisement.

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