AI can be use to spree up processes or automate tasks

There are some successful newsletters out there that can be a mine of information for marketers such as: The Daily Carnage Digiday Convince and Convert ON The Morning Brew Neil Patel Google Think Marketing Dive Search Engine Land Really Good Emails The Mention Memo hi, tech from Clark Boyd Never underestimate a good newsletter, it can inspire what you most nee – and best of all, it arrives in your inbox with no effort! 2) Online Publications & Blogs There are lots of great online publications and blogs that offer a range of content, from articles to podcasts to handy toolkits or guides.

Discover new interests, and AI can be use to  network with other professionals

It’s worth keeping some bookmarked so you can check them regularly to see what’s coming down the line or get advice. You can set up an RSS fee or subscribe so  special data you get updates to your inbox. Some of these are specialize, so if you work in social meia or search marketing you will get information that can help in your daily role. Here are some to check out: Consultancy – covers digital marketing and ecommerce Ad week – covers brand marketing Marketing Land – has content on a range of marketing topics remarketer – great for marketing news and research reports TechCrunch – start-up and technology news

Leaders that’s focused on the future  Podcasts and

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Digital Marketing Institute – covers a wide range of digital marketing topics with articles written by industry experts Fast Company – covers business news, innovation, and technology HubSpot – covers digital marketing, sales, service, and AI news Moz – covers SEO and online marketing SEMRush – goes in-depth on SEO Search Engine Watch – covers everything SEO Orbit Meia – focus on UX and customer-centere marketing Copyblogger – covers content marketing CoScheule – covers digital marketing Many of these sites offer podcasts and webinars, many of which are free. You should also look at the publishing platform.


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