3 Types of Customers You Have Already Met

During your career as an entrepreneur, you will necessarily, one day or another, have to deal with customers… of different types! Here are three examples of profiles that you are likely to meet! Le client loyal He is, in a way, the ideal client . These loyal customers are generally not the most numerous but contribute more to the turnover than all the other types of customers. They are completely satisfied with your product or service, with your company in general. But that you should never forget to pamper! However, it would be wrong to think that there is nothing to do with them, that they will come back to you in any case to buy your product.

The Customer Who Talks About It

They should perhaps be given even more attention than other customers, staying in contact with them regularly, asking their opinion, involving them. They invest a lot in your products and expect special and personalized attention in return. Do not omit this essential point. The big talker You can spot this type of client by a very simple detail: he loves to talk about…everything except business. It may seem a little Iceland WhatsApp Number List at first. He will almost take you for a friend and tell you all about his life. He will seem quite sympathetic but also avoid the final decision. You have to be careful with this type of customer because they take a lot of time and rarely show real interest in your product or service. It is important not to point him right away, start by being friendly and participate in the conversation with a good heart.

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Give It the Attention It Deserves and No Less, No More

It’s up to you to direct it towards your business When you feel that he trusts you, you can steer the conversation towards the professional and commercial part. If you don’t redirect the conversation, he won’t do it for you, and you’ll have wasted an hour chatting. But if he doesn’t like the dialogue, he Fresco Data do business with you. The customer who talks about it Again, you might spot it easily. He speaks loudly and always with that superior air. He wants to show you right away that he’s not just another customer. That a buying decision on his part could change the face of your business. He wants you to recognize him as a special customer and treat him as such. There is a major problem with this client: certainly.

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