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A hyper-connected zapper, increasingly difficult to identify, the new consumer has integrated all the possibilities available to him. He does not inquire more about a product he wants to acquire but uses up to 10 sources to decide. Until the last minute thanks to smartphone connectivity, he may change his mind. The first purchasing journey observatory by Solocal Network and GroupM confirmed this trend, which has not been denied since. 80% of consumers do research online before making a purchase at a point of sale. New consumer habits We are now talking about ROPO purchase, Research Online, Purchase Offline (online research, in-store purchase) and we must not hide its power lever.

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Consumer sectors highlights the 5 ROPO consumer profiles: “the favorite”, “the fixed idea”, “the experience”, “reassurance”, the “sos” and their marketing challenges respective for the products: to be desirable be available to be tried be the most recommended be found immediately. The consumer Hungary phone number list buys online. However, he continues to go to the store. They are no longer simply looking for a new shopping experience. He wants recognition, a personalized service, a product that corresponds to him, like online sites that offer offers adapted to his Internet users. A spoiled child, demanding everything and its opposite. He has the possibility of zapping the relationship with an adviser, the ability to be listened to and heard and the right to be forgotten.

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Then How to Make Him Than to Another

The Big Data market to analyze it The growing challenge for brands. Therefore to understand this particular animal in order to meet its expectations. “I keep saying that the sexiest job in the next 10 years will be a statistician. And I’m not kidding! » . The quote from Hal Varian, Google’s “Chief Fresco Data Economist” may date from 2009, but it is still relevant today. The raw material of tomorrow is “data”, the data that is exchanged on the Internet. A windfall for investors According to IBM, 2.5 trillion bytes of data (add 18 zeros) are created around the world every day. 90% of them, to date collected, would correspond to the only data of the last two years.

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