Be Smiling an Asset to Sell

You may be a former follower of “Lie to me”, this very interesting series from a technical communication point of view. For those who don’t know, it’s the story of a man who knows how to decipher facial and body expressions and find the truths well hidden in oral language. The person is often betrayed by his face while the text is perfect. A good way to use a small part of this technique effectively is to simply smile . Smile because, even if we do not know the meaning of the micro-signs emitted by the face, we unconsciously perceive them and this influences our behavior. Smile, or how to properly prepare for a client meeting To be more concrete: when I started my commercial career.

When I Entered the Client’s, of Course

I stopped smiling so as not to pass for, as we say in the south, “the delighted villager”. I resumed my normal face but it wasn’t completely normal anymore because I had strained my zygomatic muscles (the two muscles which bring the corners of the mouth towards the ears, and which act Bulgaria Phone Number List in the action of laughter). This gave me a pleasant expression, imbued with a certain kindness and this made me sympathetic to my customers who often in turn smiled at me. In return, sell more . And why not, practice Smile-scan! The Japanese railway company Keihin Kyuko offers its employees to start their day in front of a computer that measures their smile.

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The Device Makes It Possible to Measure

Whether the staff is smiling enough to offer the customer optimal service. The objective is obviously to satisfy the customer and not to relax the employees. This “Smile-scan” automatically offers advice on how to display the perfect smile. The “smilemeter” consists of a computer equipped Fresco Data dedicated software and surmounted by a camera. The invention is signed by the Japanese specialist in sensors of all kinds, Omron. In Japan, the customer is king. He is used to being pampered and is intractable on the quality of service. The Smile Scan measures the intensity of smiles on a scale from 0 to 100. The more you smile, the higher your score increases. Indeed, some people believe they display a big smile when there is a discrepancy between their impression and the one it actually gives.

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