Best-Of 2014 the 15 Best Blog Posts

The party favors and parties are already over. 2014 was a great year for 1min30 since many minutes and thirty seconds were spent by readers – always more numerous – of our blog. The year ends with enthusiasm and nostalgia for us. New premises, recruitments, big contracts… In short, 1min30 has grown a lot in 2014 and we owe it to you in large part, since it is first of all you who read our articles, note our typos and spelling mistakes and above all you who share our content and help make 1min30 a real media. Here is a selection of the most read articles on the blog month. 1.Become a Google ace in 14 lessons By Marie-Charlotte Lamard,Google is the essential search engine today; there are many things to know to become an expert in the use of the American giant.

Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel

The saga of the summer with the manual penalty imposed by Google on our site. Then withdrawn shortly after: the reason invoked? The over-optimization of links placed on third-party sites… 3. Browsers and screen resolutions: Is your site suitable? By Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel. February 4. 2014 A Oman Business Email List to trends and best practices in terms of screen resolution. To offer sites optimized for mobile and desktop use. 4. The basics of a perfect tweet By Kevin Dangu. May 2. 2014 Twitter is a perfect tool for conversation with its audience… It’s time to learn the workings of it to improve its use and optimize its presence on the micro-blogging social network. 5. Michel and Augustin. Agro-food marketing 3.0 By Thomas Goirand. April 16. 2014 Michel and Augustin have reinvented agro-food marketing.

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Placed on a Niche Market

The small company which does not know the crisis activates madly on the values ​​transmitted by differentiated products. 6. Games of Thrones, 5 marketing lessons to steal from the series By Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel, April rything in story-telling but also in the uses of digital technology to promote a Fresco Data that attracts a growing audience. 7. 5 tools to better manage your projects and work on a daily basis By Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel How to manage your projects when information management becomes an increasingly time-consuming task? The answer in a selection of the best free and paid project management tools. 8. How to choose your media monitoring provider? By Thomas Goirand, Choosing your media watch service provider is a real headache.

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