Century Digital Told by Valentin Blanchot, Its Founder

We offer you today, the second article consisting of interviews with influential bloggers. Today we will discoverCentury Digitalthrough the eyes of Valentin Blanchot one of its founders and pillar. Discover one of the rising blogs with great potential in the field of marketing in France. The Century Digital logo Kevin Dangu: Valentin, can you introduce yourself? Valentin Blanchot : Hello Kevin, I am 26 years old and I am in 5th year Communication and Digital Creation in alternation at ISCOM Lyon. I have been on a work-study program for 3 years, I was a CM for Vapiano restaurants, an innovation consultant for the Casino group, and currently I am again a CM within the GL events group. As a result, my schedule must combine school projects, professional imperatives, site management and article writing.

After a Month, Arnaud Co-Founder

Joined me and we took a real theme, then other friends joined us and that’s how it all started. Then, the “why?” is that for my undergraduate thesis, I did a lot of monitoring on social media, and more personally on advertising and new technologies. Thanks to my school, I Philippines Business Email List to Strategies; finally I had access to a lot of content. To improve my English, I started following sites like Mashable, The Verge, TNW, Econsultancy, etc. And I noticed that what I read in French was not fun, that you can type 2000-word articles to find 1 or 2 pieces of information, and finally that English speakers were always one step ahead of the news that sometimes does not happen in France. So I told myself that I was going to create my own support, so that I would have to force myself to watch, to write, to know the ins and outs of creating a site under WordPress, SEO, etc And that’s how Siècle Digital was born.

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What Is Your Editorial Line

On Siècle Digital, we try to have subjects as broad as possible. From 3D printing to data, with a detour to mobile in customer experience and community management. We publish both news that we think is relevant and more strategic articles. Each editor is free to choose the subject that Fresco Data him. On the other hand, for their writing we have a bias: popularization. We want to offer everyone (students, juniors, seniors, decision-makers) the same level of reading, without skimming over the subject. I find that subjects dealing with the digital world should not be reserved for those who have mastered them. Besides, my mother who is not very ‘digital-native’ often consults the blog… Beyond popularization, we seek to have articles that are easy to integrate. If a line is enough to transmit information.

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