Giving a Gift to a Client Good or Bad Idea

Good idea, but not for everyone The objective is not to try to buy and conquer your customer with a disproportionate gift and moreover which implies some kind of corruption. When establishing business relationships, it is a way of suggesting recognition. But on the contrary, this can turn out to be a bad idea, especially if you don’t know your client well enough. A relationship with customers must always be based on your sincerity and transparency. A gift that arrives at the wrong time will create suspicion and your way of conducting business. The relationship must therefore be established and have existed for several months or even several years. Also watch out for the inappropriate gift that will undermine your efforts.

Taxation You Have to Think About It

You will have to detect what these tastes and habits are and a bad choice may ultimately hinder the sustainability of your business. If your idea presents itself as proof of dishonesty with your recipient. Your relationship will be tainted and will put an end to your agreements. Especially in the Austria WhatsApp Number List context which tends to moralize business relations. For Anglo-Saxon customers. The idea turns out to be discarded at all costs. Gifts from their point of view being considered a bribe. To achieve your objective which is to thank and want to pursue a lasting business relationship. The gift must be chosen wisely. Of course. If a company contributes a large part of your turnover. It seems natural to offer recognition. But everyone knows that a badly chosen gift will have a deplorable impact.

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Some Gift Ideas to Hit the Mark

The person, however, remains privileged on the participation of his company in your turnover. If the person hates excessive ideas, the extravagant gift is to be avoided. It is better to target the personality of your customer and his tastes. Choosing the right time is also an asset and can distinguish you Fresco Data your competitors. The Christmas period is often privileged. To stand out, a particular date can make the difference. The date of your association, your client’s birthday or the date of creation of his company give added value to your gift. Business gifts are intended for the best customers, but don’t forget that loyal customers must also have a return. It is better to favor 1% of your turnover for the purchases of your various partners.

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