Colleagues or professionals Mentor or advisor

I call these people my “advisory board” that I have a lot of respect for and I can reach out to them anytime for good advice, social energy and much needed motivation.

So, think about the people we know among these four categories and start connecting with them more often.

3. Build a system to get social energy regularly
Think about having such an online or offline meeting with the four categories of people in our lives that I mentioned earlier.

Whether it’s a daily thing like a family dinner, meeting once a month with friends or connecting online .

Whatever app we have keep it – then we’ll never be short of social energy again

Remember, we will not immediately get social energy as soon as we want it.

If we do not prepare a system to receive Whatsapp Mobile Number List social energy in our life first, we will feel a lack of energy.

How Islam Prepares Us To Always Be Able To Receive Social Energy
The beauty of this religion is its in-built system which helps us live more productive lives by helping us to receive social energy.

This is how Islam helps us:

This is how Islam helps us:
1. Continuous attendance at the mosque
If we pray five times a day in the mosque, we will get social energy at least five times a day with our Muslim brothers.

These meetings help maintain those relationships.

Then we also have the opportunity to talk with them either before or after prayer

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2. Encourage to do good to neighbors
Prophet Muhammad SAW encouraged us not Fresco Data only not to do evil to our neighbors, but also to do good to them.

Abu Dhar narrated that the Prophet SAW said:

Abu Dzar, when you prepare soup, add water to it and give it to your neighbor (as a gift)

— Muslim

This behavior is encouraged regardless of who the neighbors are or what their beliefs are.

As narrated by Abdullah bin Amar bin al-‘As RA:

Abdullah bin Amar slaughtered a goat and said: “Have you given some of it to my neighbor, the Jew, because I have heard the Messenger of God say: ‘Jibril always praises my neighbor to the point that I think he wants to make him an heir.’

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