Community Managers Are Incompetent or the Excesses of Buzz in Bullshit

Several forums specializing in social media exist, allowing exchange and dialogue around very interesting information. For my part, I take advantage of these to perfect my knowledge and to bring, in small touches, my contribution to these beautiful platforms. To name just a few of my favorites, I recommend: The CM newspaper MyCM Social Media Tips Also, on October 8, two posts caught my attention (and not only mine, by the way) within these communities whose content was relatively similar, and pointing to an article: Facebook forum post on Maniacgeek’s bullshit article This article, whatever it is, then displays an explosive title ready to make anyone working in social media jump up or down: “86% of Community Managers and social network experts are scammers and incompetent.

This Is the First Effect of Such an Announcement

Indeed, will I finally discover that this job, what am I saying this state of mind, in which I work would be nothing but dust? I also told myself that I had to think about a retraining already… In short, let’s not stop there and watch this article! Among others we can note: the few wobbly sentences : “Faced with Wallis and Futuna Business Email List increase in new jobs on the web, the AFL has asked This article, completely against community managers and social media experts, finally claims that “an average of 86% of Community Managers and Social Media Experts have a more or less vague idea of ​​what they are supposed to do. to promote the image of the company that hired them.

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A Disappointing Fund Compared

The expectations raised by this title But then, all these experts only played a role? Were they all pretending to be interesting and relevant in what they were saying? Don’t worry, the only proven truth that emerges from this article is that the author apparently wanted to get a little bit of a boost Fresco Data attacking one of the most reactive communities on social media. Lying for buzz, bullshit! Indeed, after contacting the research companycomScore(marketing data and services) cited in the article as one of the two companies investigating this study, it appears that in no case does comScore Inc. work on these studies! (I would like to thank the company for its responsiveness in responding) Still, this article does belong.

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