Comparison of Private Sales Sites an Incomplete Benchmark

Private sales sites generate extraordinary traffic on the web. Compulsive buyers, smart little ones looking for good deals consult these event sales sites every day: the best known Private Sale but also Private Showroom,Bazarchic,Zalando Private… We wanted to offer you a benchmark of the most important private sales sites in order to help you make a choice if you wish to destock a large part of your products as a supplier. But, to tell you everything, only Showroom Privé responded to our questions. If you finally decide to make your site appearecommercein this article, all you have to do is contact us! Focus on Showroomprivé The Showroomprivé adventure began on the web in 2006 but its expertise in private sales began much earlier.

Event Sales Organized in Their Showroom 30 Boutique in Paris

Showroomprivé has become one of the leaders of the European private sales market and has 17 million members spread over 8 countries in Europe. The site’s two key markets are France and Italy. Digital women aged around 35 are their main clientele. More than 70 private sales are online Palau Business Email List the site. Thus Showroom offers its members a varied offer: clothing. Accessories. Travel. Decoration. Household appliances. Leisure… The site applies a discount of 70%. I.e. An article at 100€ from a brand will be sold for 30€ on the site and it will be bought at half price by Showroomprivé. I.e. At 15€ . Transport costs must be included in the purchase price.

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A Sale on Showroomprivé It Is Essential

Able to offer at least 130-150 references. As for the retrocession. This must be a minimum of €150.000 excluding tax in total and a minimum of €400 excluding tax per reference. If products are returned. They will be sent to the supplier brand but the transport will be at Showroom’s expense. Organizing a private sale on this type of very popular site allows both to make turnover by destocking but also to gain visibility: the brand will be visible to more than 17 million members. On the other hand. This can harm the image of the brand: a high-end brand offering for sale. For example. Its old collections from 5 years ago with products that are somehow outdated can tarnish its image because it will blur representation of the brand in the customer’s imagination.

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