Compliance with the LOPD key points for medical clinics

Compliance with the LOPD is mandatory for medical clinics, because they work with private medical data of dozens of patients. We usually talk about the Organic Law on Data Protection in general terms, we rarely analyze the details of this law, essential for any medical center, this week we analyze some of its key points and some recommendations for compliance with the LOPD.

The LOPD has reinforced the patient’s right to know, that is, the data that the medical center is obliged to reveal if the patient so wishes.

Obligation in relation to the right to know

The information that the patient has the right to know includes:

Contact of the person responsible for call lists the treatment
Who is responsible for the center’s data protection?
Right to rectification in case of error
Claim rights are increased
In general, the LOPD obliges the clinic to provide the patient with all the data that has to do with their treatment.

Transparency principle
The principle of transparency required by the LOPD has a lot to do with the previous point. In general, this part of the LOPD refers to the information provided by the medical center, requiring that it be concise, easily accessible and understandable.

The LOPD provides for the figure of the data protection

Right to be forgotten
The right to be forgotten is very present in all legislation regarding the management of personal data. What it is based on is the possibility of deleting a patient’s data once it is no longer important.

The LOPD requires the deletion of any medical data of a person if the patient explicitly requests it.

The Data Protection Officer a person in charge of managing the processing of private data. This figure will only be mandatory in companies that handle a large volume of private data. In addition, the creation of certificates that accredit the quality of a company’s data management is planned.

Minimum ages of consent
It is considered legal to handle a patient’s data from the age of 16, although in some cases, the minimum age could be 13 years.These are the bases Fresco Data and some of the key points for compliance with the LOPD, with Clinic Cloud you will be using a system completely developed to comply with current law.

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