Confidence Also Comes Through Body Language

There are a multitude of gestures and attitudes that can betray us without us realizing it. Take for example the way you approach a client during a meeting. It is perfectly possible your gait seems perfectly normal to you, and that the person in front of you judges it nonchalant and leaves with a negative a priori. It is essential to carefully question the image that we project. What counts to convince your interlocutor is not that you are confident, determined and prepared, the important thing is above all that you appear so. How could he check if this is really the case? People who excel in the art of negotiation and persuasion have fully understood the importance of body language and skillfully play on it.

Take Care of Your General Posture

Here are some points that can help you convey an image full of determination and confidence. Take care of your general posture The general posture represents the first point to convey the right image. Try to stay straight, don’t seem sunk in your seat and straighten your shoulders. Drooping Egypt WhatsApp Number List shoulders give the image of someone tired both physically and morally. Do not cross your legs, keep them well aligned. It also shows that you are not defensive, but open to conversation. Pay attention to your hands A large part of non-verbal language is based on gestures and therefore the position of your hands. First thing to absolutely avoid (but that many people do without realizing that it can be intimidating for the interlocutor): pointing fingers.

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Mastering Facial Expressions

When explaining an idea, keep your fingers together and use your hand instead. Second pitfall that often comes up: place your hands on your hips. It is to be avoided absolutely, it gives an impression of impatience, sometimes even of arrogance. Then comes a multitude of little things: playing Fresco Data his pen, touching an object in his pocket, tapping with his nails on the table, touching his hair. Each time, remember that it does not reflect a positive image and therefore try to resist. Mastering facial expressions The natural expression of the face differs very markedly between people. It’s important to figure out what’s going on with you because most people’s natural expression is strict and doesn’t really reflect their feelings. If this is the case for you.

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