Content marketers can take advantage of these dynamics

 The auto-play nature of youtube leads visitors to much more content beyond their initial search and is a valuable opportunity for brands sharing video content . Content marketers can take advantage of these dynamics by optimizing the seo of their video content on every platform where it is distribut. 43. 84 % of marketers indicate that video content helps increase traffic to their websites . As not in some of the statistics above. Video content and platforms like youtube are widely us discovery tools for consumers. After receiving video content from a friend or finding it themselves.

Static images and texts often appear

 They may be interest in receiving more asia email list information. Always provide easy-to-click links to your website and social channels on all video content you post. 44. Social mia posts that include a video are nearly 50% more likely to be view . Static images and texts often appear boring when present alongside dynamic video content. Technology has made it possible to view video content with very little delay in most cases. With excellent support across all social platforms. With so many potential channels suitable for video it should be incorporat into new content whenever possible.


It can sometimes feel like video

 40% of companies report that video has the Fresco Data highest roi of all content types . It can sometimes feel like video content has a much higher cost and time commitment than other forms of content. But this statistic reminds us that return on investment is really the most important metric in deciding how much something is worth doing. With almost half of companies highlighting video content as best performing it may be worth investing more time and effort. 46. 80 % of consumers say they prefer watching live video content to reading a blog post .


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