How to Retain Customers in 2021?

Loyalty in the age of all-connected Companies have always had a major objective vis-à-vis their customers: to implement all possible and imaginable means to retain customers, to seduce them and keep them in a long-term relationship. Until then, the possible means and tools were clear and known to all. However, with the arrival of the Internet, social networks and everything connected, these solutions seem to be increasingly obsolete. Everything has clearly changed since the arrival of the Internet in the business world. Today, it is no longer possible to rely on old methods, on past uses, as the novelties available generally supplant all these old habits.

Digital Marketing at the Heart of This Major Mission

Obviously, the first solution that is offered to all companies: digital marketing . Using smartphones, tablets, laptops and all other platforms connected to the Internet, companies can now maintain permanent contact with their respective customers. SMS, e-mails, application dedicated to a particular Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List company, massive use of social networks, all the solutions are good to create this link and maintain it in the long term. This use of digital marketing is therefore, logically, part of a desire by companies to retain their customers using 2.0 means, connected solutions and new platforms available and usable by all.

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What About the Old Ways

After all, although digital marketingis the number one solution that is offer. All companies wishing to continue to retain their customers using the new technological means available, it is clear that the good old methods are still and always relevant. Loyalty cards for physical points of sale, mailing Fresco Data customers chosen according to the company’s interests and the aim of the communication policy, phoning to try to seduce handpicked potential customers… The old methods are still just as interesting for companies looking for loyalty, and this for a certain reason: these methods make it possible to be closer to the customer, to stay closer to his expectations and his needs, and this without requiring significant financial means.

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