The classic goals of Internet marketing can be described as follows

Think of the McDonald’s logo. Although it is a simple design using the letter M, the combination of an eye-catching font and purposeful color choices makes the letter M so strongly reminiscent of McDonald’s that even a three-year-old child can now recognize the logo.


McDonalds( source )


2. Memorable

An effective logo should be simple enough to remember when you first see it, but unique and impactful enough to stand out from the crowd.


One example is the Starbucks logo. Although it has no obvious connection to coffee, we associate the green siren with one of the largest coffee chains in the world. According to Starbucks owners, the use of the siren symbolizes that people are drawn to coffee because it is an irresistible temptation. This logo is also related to Starbucks’ history because its hometown was a port.

How to Create a Brand Logo for Small Business

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By giving the brand its own ‘mascot’ and phone lists combining it with vibrant color choices and a minimalist design, Starbucks struck the perfect balance and created one of the most memorable brand logos of all time.

Understand your audience

Finally, an effective logo must be relevant and appropriate to the company’s values, image, and products/services. It must convey you Fresco Data r brand voice and identity and align with your target audience.

An example is Baskin Robbins. The brand used vibrant pinks and blues to match its fun, childlike branding. This is a great fit because you sell ice cream and your target audience skews young. In contrast, luxury brand Cartier kept its logo simple and elegant with clean cursive letters. This was to convey the brand identity of elegance and sophistication.

The first thing you need to do is identify your ideal customer or target market to understand what kind of logo you should create. Ultimately, your logo must appeal to customers. Ask yourself these questions:

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