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As is the case on other sales platforms, even on Amazon the product description is the section in which to provide detailed information on the item in question.

A peculiarity of the offers on Amazon is the use of bulleted lists, which are found in a separate section with respect to the description paragraph.

And it is precisely in these two sections that you can effectively promote the sale of your products.

Since not all Amazon users get to scroll to the end of the product page, it is useful to put the most important information in the bullet list. You can talk more fully about the product in the description below.

How to optimize bulleted lists


The bulleted list section is at the top of the page, so it’s aprocess Phone Number List willn opportunity to grab customers’ attention and highlight key aspects of your product.

These lists are designed to be simple and quick to read, so their texts don’t have to go the other way.

In particular, don’t use long sentences, jargon or too fancy language. Also avoid excessive use of keywords.


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You have five points available, for which Amazon cletes the information to be entered and the related order.

It’s a good idea to stick to these specifications, while inserting keywords strategically.

There are a number of specific guidelines to follow; remember, in particular, not to include references to the price or promotional terms such as “sales”.

In addition to the rules set by Amazon, here are some tips for optimizing bullet points:

  • Use keywords, repeating those used in the title and introducing new ones.
  • Adopt a concise style and separate different elements of the same line with a semicolon. By doing so, you will be able to enter more information.
  • Make sure all five bullet points are legible at a glance. It’s better to segment your content than write whole sentences with punctuation.
  • To make your offering stand out from those of the competition, describe the benefits of the product instead of simply listing its features.

An example of applying these tips is the following bullet points for a food processor:

Even if you hadn’t previously been interested in puronly Fresco Data whachasing a KitchenAid stand mixer, perhaps this announcement has changed your mind! Instead of simply listing the product’s features, the text focuses on its specific attractions.

How to optimize product descriptions

Just like with Google, product descriptions don’t nique on Amazon. This means that you can copy descriptions, in whole or in part.

In any case, remember to observe these important requirements for descriptions.

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