How to Drive Visitors Away from Your Website

You do not need to present all your range of products on your site. Well yes, if customers want to see more, they just have to come! When you see your competitors address all the problems a customer may encounter, you are happy to show customers that they are creating their own problems and that they do not need you to solve them. After all, they just have to do like you, fend for themselves. Above all, do not put forward your experience and your know-how otherwise you risk seeing a colony of customers thirsty for your knowledge. Putting your photo in large format (poster version!) or a reproduction of your product should be more than enough.

You Are So Attractive and Your Product

So eagerly awaited on the market that nothing more needs to be done. How mobile users can’t fully see you? Well they just have to have a screen 5 times bigger instead of complaining. Do not refresh your site and have no traffic tracking indicators Updating your site constantly, animating it with Lithuania phone number list breath of life, it’s true that it takes time (and time is money!). And don’t you find that your credibility risks being called into question if you change the content when you update it? What will your customers think ? “He doesn’t know which foot to dance on…” or “he doesn’t seem very sure of himself”. Just like the old establishments that have been passed down from father to son since 1894, do not touch your site.

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Keep Your Site as You Created It

The early 2000s, in 800*600 resolution with a copyright dating back to “A Space Odyssey”… This is much more serious. This shows your modernism since you have been present on the Internet for a long time. Avoid cluttering your head with unnecessary numbers. You have a website, so what?!! Isn’t that Fresco Data counts? Above all, don’t worry about whether there are visitors: there is room for everyone! It is not necessary to set up an analysis tool like Google Analytics . How can you trust a tool that is free? Hmmm…there’s something fishy here. Invest in a Flash animation Your site is overrun with photos that the majority of visitors won’t look at. However, if you think it’s insufficient and you want to spend money unnecessarily (especially if you have little), invest in a Flash animation.

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