E-Commerce Dare Zero Stock

This just-in-time production management, developed by Toyota in the 1960s with its 5 zeros doctrine, has imposed itself in a large part of the industry. Traditional distribution, too, is trying to considerably limit its stocks by arbitrating according to sales forecasts: reserves can generally only meet the needs of the days to come, at best weeks. Online sales are freed from the constraints to which physical stores are subject. It is now quite possible to launch an e-commerce site without any stock and to sustain its activity over time. A start-up can thus launch its online sales project by allocating its resources to innovation and communication, without tying up cash.

The Merchant Site and the Supplier

Drop shipping: from supplier to consumer A store with empty shelves such as a merchant site offering only unavailable products may well experience a turnover at half mast. But building up the inventory needed to provide sufficient choice ties up valuable resources and even threatens a company’s Albania WhatsApp Number List flow and financial health. Thanks to Drop shipping . An online store is freed from any direct management of its stocks. Shipments to customers are indeed made directly by the supplier based on orders placed on your site. Drop shipping simply means dropthe relationship between the merchant site and the supplier can be more or less developed: The shipment is sometimes anonymous . With a standardized package that does not contain the merchant’s name or contact details.

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Gain of Visibility Commercial and Prospective Animation

This solution. Known as blind shipping. Should be avoided. The customer experience is indeed doubly degraded: no information links the package to the site where the order was placed. And the absence of a return address constitutes a pitfall in the event of withdrawal or exchange. The Fresco Data shipment can be personalized . The supplier then specifies the name and return address. Includes the invoice or any other document provided by the merchant. With private label shipping. Consumers are no longer necessarily aware that their package has been. Moreover, Sent directly by the supplier: the use of drop shipping becomes more transparent for the buyer.


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