Low-Cost, More Than an Ideology, an Economic Reality

Linked for a decade to travel and food distribution, low cost has established itself in several sectors: automotive, banking, insurance, hairdressing, gardening, mobile telephony, etc. Most activities dedicated to household consumption now offer a low-cost option. However, it is viewed with suspicion because the quality is often not there, particularly in terms of food where consumers are now turning to products that are healthy for health and would tend to consider them harmful to health. . Low cost is first and foremost about preserving the planet. Beyond this definition, “low-cost” companies share the same philosophy, a precious leitmotif, that of building a sustainable economic model while preserving the wealth of their customers and their ability to invest.

Low-Cost Is First and Foremost About Preserving the Planet

Like fair trade models, low-cost puts an end to certain abuses, establishes total transparency and promotes the development of fair and respectful exchanges between. A supplier Germany WhatsApp Number List its customers. No more salty additions without any justification, the exaggerated price of prestige and waste . The world has changed and the carelessness of the 30 glorious years has given way to the concerns of a changing world, more concerned with sharing and fairness. Finally, the generation, the one that grew up with the crises – 1993, 1997, 2003, 2009 (the crisis that drags on) – has legitimately positioned itself, faced with these lessons of history, as the leader of this movement.

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Examples from Dacia Sandero

Death to waste Far beyond the mere concern for “more fairness” and “more transparency”, the world is learning to preserve its resources. Similarly, finally, for a company, isn’t preserving its expenses the key to a viable, sustainable economic model and, what is more, capable of better managing crises. In addition, Investing Fresco Data and contributing more to the creation of value. In addition, In B-to-B, this model is not simply a marketing positioning and a sales argument among others. Moreover, it illustrates a powerful movement of awareness and renovation of commercial exchanges, present in all areas: aviation.

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