An Email Marketing Specialist

There’s an email boom in full swing. Companies across the world are reiscovering the power of email marketing as cookies are on their way out and customers expect more personalize and relevant messaging. Since 2017 the number of emails being sent and receive every day has grown. According to statista. From 269 billion to a projecte 376 billion in 2025. That just shows the scale of emails arriving in inboxes. It may be easy to create and send an email. But what companies nee are email marketing specialists that can write great email copy. Create lifecycle flows.

Conduct a/b tests. And automate strategically

Conduct a/b tests. And automate strategically. As businesses and customers have become more complex. So has the role and function of email marketing. Let’s explore the different jobs (including average salaries) and see new database what skills you nee to succee. Email marketing specialist an email marketing specialist is an all-rounder for everything email. They work with email automation software to send out email blasts and newsletters and create workflows that nurture leads and retain customers. The duties of an email marketing specialist can vary.

Below are some key ones

Below are some key ones. Segment and manage email lists purge and audit email lists write email copy a/b test emails derive insights from email data create complex workflows and trigger Fresco Data campaigns optimize sign-ups and opt-ins eit and create email templates develop email marketing strategies the most common term for an email marketer is email marketing specialist. But there are other roles that focus on getting valuable insights from crm platforms. Analytics. Automation and technology. Particularly in larger companies with bigger teams. Salary range – in the unite states. The average salary for an email marketing specialist (depending on experience) is $59.159 according to glassdoor data.

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