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The objective of a fab manager is neither to boost the sales of a site, nor to generate more traffic. Its action is not directly related to the financial results or even the business in general. Its role is much more utopian: it consists of improving the sharing of knowledge and practices related to digital manufacturing. As a museum director works to make art accessible to all, the fab manager’s mission is to develop and promote “digital for all”. For this, the fab manager runs a fab lab, or digital manufacturing laboratory, a public place containing the latest digital manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printers. In addition to the management of his “workshop” and the supervision of his team, the fab manager has above all missions of mediation, support.

He Can Present His Latest Technologies and Explain

How they work to curious visitors, of course adapting to their technical level to be understood by all. He can accompany in his fab lab the leader of a project using digital technologies: student, business manager, retiree, unemployed… Regardless of your status, the fab lab will help you carry out American Samoa Business Email List project. He can also intervene in companies or other institutions to support them in carrying out a digital project with a strong economic or social impact. He is also often a speaker/mediator at events such as open days or any other digital-related event. As the manager of a fab lab, he must ensure its proper functioning, in particular its financial balance: For this, he must also find funds public and private.

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Profile Required the Fab Lab Manager Must of Course Perfectly

Master digital technologies, know how to use them and teach others to do so, but also intervene to repair if necessary. He must also have knowledge ofdigital (Inbound). Patient and pedagogical: sharing his knowledge with others is not give to everyone. He must also be a good manager. He is Fresco Data responsible for a structure with a team, equipment, and a budget to keep. Finally, he must be a good communicator: he will have to develop partnership files, educational files, or other communication media. Most of these digital technologies still seem inaccessible to us, but some, such as 3D printing, have already been adopted by e-commerce see for example the Sculpteo site.

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