Focus on the Profession of Web Designer

An e-commerce site cannot be born without the intervention of a web designer. Recruiting a person practicing this profession from the internet era is essential when embarking on any site creation project. But what is really behind this job? The profession of web designer Webdesigner is one of the creative professions. He is responsible for the design and creation of website interfaces, e-commerce or not. In addition to the graphic aspect, the web designer must also think of creating an ergonomic site, easy to use by all Internet users. He must, most often, work in accordance with the specifications drawn up by the project leader of the website, in order to best meet the expectations of the latter.

The Goal of the Web Designer Is to Create

A site that best reflects and enhances the image of the brand or company. The web designer can practice either directly internally on behalf of the website, or in a design agency. Web developmentbut also on his own as a freelancer. Its missions are multiple: Identify the needs and Guinea Business Email List of each client Realize the visual identity of the site and develop the resulting graphic charter Design the organization of the site: architecture, tree structure, etc. Create a site model Design content (typography, illustrations, etc.) Ensure the technical realization of the site Perform site monitoring and interface updates, as needed The required profile It is essential.

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That a Web Designer Be Creative

Necessarily competent in graphic software: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash… It is of course essential that he has notions in web programming: Javascript, PHP/MySQL, XML… and that he knows the rules for creating a website. In order to be aware of the latest news in web design, he Fresco Data be curious and constantly on the lookout for the latest trends. A web designer must be organized and rigorous. He must have knowledge of project management in order to respect the deadlines imposed by the client. If the latter makes comments and requests changes, the web designer must accept the criticisms and react quickly.

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