Follow Up with a Hesitant Prospect

If there is a time when an effective salesperson is essential, it is when our target doubts or rejects us. A sale often starts when the prospect tells us No! This is not to be fooled because the time we devote to a task or an interlocutor is always to the detriment of other actions. You have to know how to persevere, yes, but it is up to us to intelligently target those we reconnect. You have to be persistent, without however being obstinate because sometimes a sale will never happen! In short, an impossible mission in appearance! Also, when we go for the 3rd or 4th time to a prospect, who again asks us to think, the “last visit trick” is to be considered.

Last Visit Trick from the Start

The interview let us specify to our interlocutor that this is the last time we will come to see him. If he is surprised. Asks us if we are encountering problems. It suffices to retort. With conviction. That on the contrary. Business is flourishing. But as it seems that we are wasting his time. We prefer to Finland phone number list direct our efforts elsewhere despite the fact that we are convinced that we are providing him with a real service. As he is not convinced (since he always postpones) of our real added value. Of what he will gain by using our solution. It is certainly that we have “planted” ourselves somewhere. Be careful that it is really obvious in your head: the tone of voice and look with which you assert yourself is decisive.

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Our Sincerity Is Totally Evident

The way. Since this is obviously the last time we’ll be here. Allow me one last question: where did I go wrong? “. A reaction and answers to be expected By experience. Most often. Your interlocutor will be magnanimous. And will answer that we did not make a mistake. That it was very clear and Fresco Data on your part (otherwise it is up to you to learn from it for the next times …).. So he gives you the opportunity to ask him one of the best questions a salesperson can use: “so. What makes you hesitate. You will see that in one case out of 3. This will speed up your order taking. And if in the other alternatives. The refusal is officially confirmed. That at least allows you to no longer be fooled. And to focus on other targets. By better managing your time and your priorities.

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