Functions related to patient registration in Clinic Cloud

The registration of patients in a clinic is essential for the daily management of the center. The patient registry has several functions, on the one hand, in the medical aspect it is important to have a complete database with which to consult the data of each patient, but in addition, this registry allows us to carry out marketing campaigns and contact with patients whenever necessary.

With Clinic Cloud you have a secure space in the cloud, a storage system that guarantees total privacy, capable of avoiding all types of attacks and unauthorized access.

Patient registration in the cloud with Clinic Cloud

All your contacts, as well as confidential information related to your health, remains in the cloud. This system allows the data phone lists for sale to be consult from several devices simultaneously, avoiding physical files, which in most cases require large spaces. storage.

With Clinic Cloud, each patient has a personaliz file, in which all their medical information appears. Any of the health professionals in your clinic will be able to consult a patient’s data in real time, quickly and reliably.

This way you can have thousands of medical records that you can consult whenever you need, being able to update them at any time.

In addition to the medical data, in each patient’s file you can also add other personal data such as email, contact information, telephone number, etc.

Patient registration for medical purposes

Marketing and corporate communication management
Beyond medical management, the patient registry is also design to develop direct marketing campaigns, in which we aim to reach a very specific audience.

Clinic-patient communication is essential, the function of sending SMS or sending emails of Clinic Cloud offers you a means of direct contact, with which you can inform your patients about any news or promotions in your clinic.

Another advantage in this sense is the possibility of segmenting your recipients. Obviously, not all of your communication will be of interest to all of your patients, with the Clinic Cloud patient registry you will be able to select only those people to whom you are interested in receiving the message, segmenting it based on their characteristics and needs.

In conclusion, the Clinic Cloud patient registration format is very Fresco Data effective, allowing any clinic to have a single record, with all the functions necessary for the management of the center.

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