Social Media Explained by Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel and Kevin Dangu

Many prospects, VSEs or large groups contact us not knowing how to manage their presence on social networks. Most want to be present on Facebook or Twitter, because their competitors are there, or because most companies have set foot there in recent years. However, a majority of these companies do not know that it is not enough to be present on social networks. A logo, a banner and simple sharing of the company’s products are no longer enough. Today, it is necessary to create a real editorial line, by creating content on a regular basis, on a blog for example, to feed its presence on social networks. To build these communities, essential to claim an existence in social media, we advocate a sustainable approach based on the construction of a strong editorial line.

We Mean a Reflection Centered on

The overall marketing coherence and on the differentiation of this social media editorial line. Discover our vision ofsocial mediain video onour youtube channel: Two lines of work are then highlighted: The search for unification and coherence . The definition of an editorial line. Acting as a breadcrumb trail. Will make it possible to link all marketing actions. Whether on social networks or on any other American Samoa Business Email List territory. This. Often forgotten. Is nevertheless essential and is the basis of any successful digital strategy. The search for differentiation and adaptation . To take into account the specificities of each social network. 1min30 develops an approach adapted to each of the networks as well as to your sector of activity. The company thus best adapts to its audience. And meets the expectations raised by its social presence.

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In Our View Social Media Must Be Fully Integrated

The company’s overall communication strategy. In reality. Social Media is totally linked to a strategy ofinbound Marketing. Thus. The implementation of a good strategy of presence on social media requires the mixture of 5 major ingredients: The creation. Optimization and development of the Fresco Data networks necessary for your brand Writing and planning content that conveys your values ​​and your storytelling Management and animation of interactions. Exchanges and conversations within social communities The implementation of operational marketing actions aimed at qualifying. Developing and transforming your Social Media communities into customers or influencers.

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