How to Become a Good Salesperson

A positive mindset A positive mindset ? Yes, but still… It’s not very vague! A mindset suitable for business success is made up of at least 3 ingredients: optimism, pride, and willpower. optimism The best salespeople know they will succeed. They also “know” that their failures are temporary, situational, and not absolutely permanent. Martin Seligman, the greatest specialist in positive psychology describes it well in his book “ The Force of Optimism ”. For example, he describes an experience, now famous, which consisted in modifying the recruitment criteria of a large insurance company to make more room for optimism. This is measured by what are called explanatory criteria, that is, the way people process, classify, explain the events they experience.

The Tests Revealed That Insurance Agents

Who possessed an optimistic explanatory style sold 37% more insurance than those who had a pessimistic style, and that the most positive placed 88% more contracts than the most negative. In other words, agents who were more optimistic were half as likely to quit as their colleagues who saw Kazakhstan phone number list everything in the dark. The company decided to form a special force of employees recruited solely on the basis of the optimistic explanatory style. And it paid off. The following year, these agents outsold their counterparts by 21% and 57% in the second year. Pride Of course, there are undoubtedly exceptions, but the best sellers are rarely “inside”. Not only are they not “inside” but they are also a little annoying, bordering on arrogant, some would say.

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So Obviously It Always Annoys a Little

First of all, these are people who have a strong taste for competition, for games, for “winning”. All this may seem elementary, especially in the eyes of others… For example, in the eyes of their colleagues who do not sell as much as they do, or of their managers who wonder how to “manage” such numbers… Then, they are proud of their difference. Theirs and that of their offer, of their company. I had already tackled the Fresco Data of humility in a previous article. I maintain my point of view. Today more than ever, the best sales people are those who leave their mark, not the “nice salespeople” who think that asking the right questions, stroking in the direction of the hair and “begging” the right to send a commercial offer is the best way to do business… They leave this kind of strategy to the apostles of humility and the shoe polish box.

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