Google Revokes Its Manual Action Against

A concerted inbound marketing action on our blog and social networks. The article blog from last week, publishe on the day our weekly newsletter. Sent and combine with our presence on social networks. Attract the attention of our community and those of SEOs causing very high traffic on our site. Our audience record was also beaten on Monday, September 8 with more than 2,700 visits, despite the penalty. Our exchanges on the forum with the SEO community have also been very popular with more than 1300 views to date, which seems to be the record for this forum. All of this caught the attention of Google’s quality team manager, Vincent Courson, who responded to us for the first time last Monday, apologizing for the bad example links and telling us that we were going to receive more.

Who Unfortunately Turned Out to Be Bad Examples Too

The following days we continued our action with one article per day explaining the situation as well as a forum inthe online journal. A clear and balanced response from Google Thursday on thewebmaster ,we have had a new response from Vincent Courson that is more detailed and open to Yemen Business Email List to improve the process. Hello Gabriel, My message will repeat part of the previous one: the examples we sent you are not necessarily the best. It’s something we’re working on, I can assure you. Then, I can give you here more concrete information on the fake links to your site: 1. links in directories 2. footer links from customer sites on optimized anchors 3. links from sites where it seems that you have placed them yourself.

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Interviews That You Apparently Gave

Sometimes with two or three links, but also up to 7 links in the same article. The anchors of these links are very similar, you will recognize that the link profile does not seem entirely natural, with a concentration on certain frankly optimized terms, and important for your activity. From an Fresco Data perspective, and from an SEO point of view, I hope you see it too. For my part, I recognize that this is not the worst case I have seen, and that the concern does not probably come from a marked desire to transgress the quality instructions. Frankly, our goal is not to prevent all online communication. From a traffic point of view, these links are probably very good.

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