Google’s Manual Actions to Fight Spam Fair

On its site, Google explains the reasons for the fight against spam: this fight is necessary “because since search engines have existed, some website owners have resorted to fraudulent techniques in order to make their pages appear among the first results. of research. This not only harms internet users, as irrelevant websites thus overshadow relevant websites, but also the owners of honest websites, since their sites are, as a result, harder to find.” For my part, I can only approve of this fight to make search results more relevant for Internet users and fairer for site publishers who produce quality and optimized content.

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How do Google’s manual actions work? Since August 2013. Google notifies webmasters of its manual actions. In his mailbox and within the Google Webmaster Tool . The publisher of a site receives a message indicating that a manual action has been taken against his site and indicates courses of action United Arab Emirates Business Email List him to lift the penalty (deletion or disavowal of a link on its site or on the site of third-party publishers. Etc.). Once the webmaster thinks he has done a sufficient job. He can ask Google to review their site. If Google considers the work sufficient. The penalty will be waived. If Google does not consider this to be sufficient. Another request for reconsideration will have to be made.

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This Process Can Be Very Long, Especially

Since Google indicates that it can take several weeks to respond, especially after a first request for reconsideration, which is very tedious because it involves analyzing and correcting thousands of links, and above all very costly for the company because during all this time the traffic coming Fresco Data the search engine towards the publisher’s site is practically nil. For my part, I have seen a 95% drop in impressions of our site in the search engine. This approach is thus very effective and very dissuasive against spammers who must undo what they have done. However, what about quality site publishers, who find themselves caught in the cracks.

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