How a treatment plan is developed in a health clinic

Establishing an appropriate treatment plan is essential for the patient. With Clinic Cloud you have at your disposal an appropriate tool to manage and store any treatment plan carried out in your clinic, with plans adapted to your healthcare sector.

What is a treatment plan
The treatment plan in a report that details the patient’s illness, the treatment process to be carri out, the objective of the treatment itself and possible side effects.

In general, any information about the treatment to be developed can be includ in this plan, from the next follow-up visits to the estimat duration.

This information may be contain in paper files, or it may be digitiz. With Clinic Cloud you can generate digital treatment plans, which are also stor in the cloud with absolute security.

The importance of following the treatment plan

It is essential for the patient to know and follow the complete treatment plan. Among the specific information contained in the phone lists free treatment plan, it is worth highlighting:

Medications related to treatment, including schedules and doses.
Possible side effects are also specified, with the aim of helping the patient to identify them immediately if they appear.
They also include aspects related to diet, if it is necessary for the patient to follow a specific eating plan.
The duration of treatment is also usually specified in the treatment plan.
If the treatment included physical activity or rehabilitation, it should also be specified. The treatment plan in the medical history

Personalized treatment plans in Clinic Cloud

The treatment plan is part of a patient’s medical history. The medical history collects all the data related to the patient, from the anamnesis, which includes the  patient’s personal data, to the treatment plans that the patient has followed over time.

The treatment plan, therefore, is a prior approach, which serves as a guide for the patient’s recovery process.

At Clinic Cloud we offer you the possibility of working with personalized treatment plans, using adaptable software for each of your patients. You have Fresco Data tools such as the digital odontogram, in which you can record each treatment, in addition, all your information will be conveniently stor in the cloud, bas on the security measures established by the law relating to data protection.

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