How to Boost Your Marketing with Buyer Personas

Another complicated term, you might think. However, there is nothing really magical behind this strange name, which mixes English and Latin. On the contrary, buyer personas are a tool of great simplicity… and efficiency, that’s good! They increase your chances of conversion, from a limited investment (time and a little brain juice are enough). Let’s untangle the languages Buyer : in English, it is literally the buyer, who is rather referred to by the generic term of customer on our French continent. The word persona comes from the Latin per-sonare which mean.

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Typical profiles of your different customers. They allow a simplified segmentation of your offer, each segment of prospects/customers being represented by a buyer persona , which is in a way its spokesperson. Much more than a concept, a valuable aid Buyer personas are more than just Kenya phone number list concept. Establishing typical customer profiles can indeed save you a lot of time because your buyer personas will be useful for all the teams in your company. Defining them will: It is up to the general management to make any adjustments to the offer more easily according to the needs and expectations of the market Salespeople to gain in efficiency in the commercial discourse held People in charge of production.

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It is on this point that we wish to insist! A simple observation applied to marketing Buyer personas are based on a simple observation: in everyday life, we do not address everyone in the same way. For example, we can use familiarity with a young child, but we will favor the formal address to Fresco Data a senior, we will make schoolboy jokes to our best friend but we will talk business in front of a hierarchical superior… In marketing, it’s exactly the same. Your prospects must feel that you share their codes, they must recognize themselves in your brand identity. They will have increased confidence in your business and will be more likely to buy your products services. Here are some numbers.

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