How to Capture a Customer on the Phone

A phone call can change everything, especially since our interlocutor cannot see our face, the tone of our voice and the way we express ourselves become decisive in communicating. Before landing your future contract, it is important to be well prepared. And, most of the time, everything is decided before the call itself. 1. Find out about the person or company you are talking to. Collect as much information as possible so you know what time of day, or even week, it will be available. Choosing the right time to call them can significantly reduce the failure rate. The person you are calling should be able to listen to you. If she’s too busy, she won’t even pick up her phone.

Calling Someone Who Is Not Expecting

Your call and who does not know why you are calling is always a delicate operation. And that requires both training and good physical condition. 3. Prepare an outline of Croatia WhatsApp Number List call on paper with a concise presentation of yourself or the company you represent, your function and above all the subject of your call. Why are you calling? This is what your interlocutors will quickly want to know. The explanation must therefore be precise and catchy. 4. Try as much as possible to justify your call with recommendations from such and such other customers.

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It’s Even More Effective

When your prescribing customers themselves inform these new prospects of your call . By coming by recommendation, you have every chance of being listened to. 5. Be smiling. It may seem strange to smile alone in front of a computer screen, with a handset screwed to your ear, but it is essential for Fresco Data to be cordial and pleasant. Your interlocutor will necessarily feel that you have a smile and your speech will go much better. A phone call is played from the first seconds, the intonation of the voice, the impression you make and the clarity of your speech. 6. If your caller does not answer, do not leave a message. Except in the case of prospects that you have already had in person.

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